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GIPS aims to facilitate automatic glycan identification using the multiple-stage mass spectrometry (MSn) technology. GIPS guides MSn experiments through intelligently selecting precursor-ion for scanning and identifies glycan structures based on the generated MSn spectra. GIPS greatly improves identification sensitivity and throughput of glycan profiling.



GIPS represents a major step forward towards high-throughput and automated glycomics.


GIPS successfully identify glycan standards including N-glycans of the high-mannose, complex and hybrid types, and human milk-related oligosaccharides. GIPS can be used as an additional dimension to the conventional profiling method by assigning individual glycan components as shown in the human serum sample.


Users only need to upload mass spectra to GIPS and get identification results with just a few clicks.

GIPS Features

Intelligent selection of precursors by experienced specialists is possible but the GIPS method proposed here represents a major step forward towards high-throughput and automated glycomics, and also for use in the non-expert laboratories.

GIPS successfully assigned a variety of glycan standards within a maximum of MS4. However, the traditional MIPS strategy generally required more rounds of scanning and failed in identification of several samples and could not make a distinction between certain isomeric glycan pairs.

Improved sensitivity and reduced time required for analysis are additional advantages, due mainly to fewer rounds of product-ion scanning.

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